Mink & Trout Wine Bar & Bistro

Mink & Trout Wine Bar and Bistro is a newish restaurant that has opened at in the space where Birds used to be on Bree Street, Cape Town CBD. The decor is stunning: bare brick walls and furniture with modern, clean lines in rich hues of green, grey and blue with hints of rose gold. It feels very opulent.

One of my favorite things is when a restaurant has a great selection of wines by the glass. And this one certainly did. They have a decent wine list in the menu, and a separate wine list called ‘Wines of the Month’ which has a selection of about 8 wines available by both the glass and the bottle. I had the Alphabetical, a red blend that I have never heard of before. It was great and VERY reasonable at R45 a glass (R220 a bottle).

My friend ordered two starters instead of a main, the steak tartare (YUM) and the mussels in a coconut and chili broth which was served en papillote, which unfortunately I didn’t try. I am a huge fan of ordering multiple starters instead of a main because I like to try as much as I can without having to be rolled out of the restaurant, but Mink & Trout‘s signature dish is called Land and Sea, seemed to be the best of both worlds: pork belly, pancetta, calamari and asparagus on parsley risotto. It was fantastic and cooked to perfection.

Lastly, the service was GREAT, standing out as one of the best service experiences I have had in Cape Town in a while. Along with our bill came a ratings page where we were asked to rate the food, ambiance, service and the overall experience of our evening. There was also an additional comments bit. I was also asked to give my twitter handle and my Instagram handle which I thought was a really innovative, clever way of connecting with customers, particularly as the presentation of the food is begging for an Instagram post! As I was leaving, the front of house staff thanked me for filling in the feedback page and for my comments. “We love getting feedback because without it, we can’t improve the experience.” I mean how can you not love that attitude?

I wouldn’t drive, unless you get blessed by a miracle and can park on the street OR are prepared to pay a hefty sum to park at Heritage Square. Uber is your best bet.

Mink & Trout don’t have a website yet, but visit their Facebook page here where you can see their full menu. They are open for both lunch and dinner.

Find Mink & Trout on Google Maps.