The Salt Yard: Mowbray’s New Kid on the Block

The Salt Yard is the new, quirky, reasonably priced and eco-friendly kid on the block in Mowbray and is certainly giving the established restaurants along the Durban Road strip a run for their money. I have been there three times since it opened and all three times it has been humming, particularly so on Friday night when my boyfriend and I decided to pop in for dinner last minute.

Undoubtably, one of the best things about The Salt Yard is the entirely recycled decor. Everything from the wood panels on the walls to the toilet sign is recycled, which not only looks super cool, but gives added appeal to someone like me who is borderline obsessive about recycling.

The menu includes options such as burgers, pizzas and light meals such as sandwiches and salads, steaks and seafood. They also serve breakfast (which I didn’t have) until 12pm for which they offer traditional options like bacon and eggs, fruit salad and greek yogurt or a selection of eggs benedict’s, traditional (served on an English Muffin) and far from it (served on a mushroom). Their drinks menu includes the usual selection of teas and coffees, and MILO (Yes, you read that correctly. I plan on moving in this winter). They also serve one of my most favourite indulgent foods, churros, which comes with a milk and white chocolate dipping sauce.

On Friday, I opted for the Cheese Burger without the bun, which comes with their curly fries. My boyfriend ordered the Clara Bella, a pizza with prosciutto, rocket, parmesan shavings and balsamic glaze and we ordered a bottle of the Brampton Shiraz to share.

The food was delicious. My burger was done to perfection and their ‘secret sauce’ they put on it is so good they should bottle it and sell it. But, my boyfriends pizza stole the show. I had a serious case of ‘menu-envy’ for his Clara Bella. My only gripe was regarding the lack of variety in the selection of red wine available. The list of white wine is rather diverse with a wide variety, but the list of red wine is almost completely comprised of wines from the same farm.

The thing that stood out the most for me was the exceptional service. Often when new places start out they are still finding their rhythm and service is often the thing that falls behind. This was not the case. This place ran like clockwork, and has run like clockwork every single time I have been there. I think this was largely due to the very-present owner who greeted us, came to see if we were enjoying our evening and shook our hands when we left.

The Salt Yard doesn’t have a website, but their Facebook page contains photos of their menu. See it here.

Find it on Google Maps.