A Decision Made

As the end of 2016 approached, social media around the world exploded with witty memes and defiant statuses, all bidding farewell with the ‘middle finger’ to train wreck that was last year.

Personally, it was not a train wreck. I did not experience anything particularly earth shattering or heartbreaking. I did not experience anything worthy of great elation either. Overall, it was a pretty mundane year, for me.

And there it is folks: MUNDANE. It was one of the most boring years that I can remember. I had nothing to challenge and push me: I was completely and utterly uninspired and burnt out. So I stopped going to the gym, came home from work everyday unable to do much else other than lounge in pyjamas and feel sorry for myself.

So I made the decision, like so many others, to leave this toxicity behind in the ‘year-that-shall-not-be-named’ and this blog is just the beginning. It is a little gift to myself to spice things up a little. I have always loved writing, and after much research, many conversations with many wonderful people (over a fair amount of wine), decided to try to out.

Here’s to new beginnings, new adventures and most importantly, to putting ME first.

3 Replies to “A Decision Made”

  1. You go girl! Great start, I enjoy reading your blogs, they are so easy my eyes glide over your words and my head starts to nod in a agreement without any consultation with my brain. That to me means you “speak” to my heart with your words. You are a very talented lady.

    After much reflection on 2016 and before, the realization that my life has revolved around pleasing others to the point that I lost ME was super valuable. Ha! no more of that approach thank you. So from here on, to coin a phrase I first heard some 21 years ago “I do it” is my mantra. And that is just what I am doing. Maybe we should start a support group…. ‘ I do it for ME”… tee hee.

    Break a leg with your new venture. It`s fabulous.

    1. Thanks so much M. 🙂

      I could not agree more. It is such an important part of life that somme of us forget all together, me certainly being one of them. And it starts to take it’s toll, on me and on other people, relationships, friends and in the work place.

      So in your words, ‘I do it for ME’! 🙂

      Thank you for reading!

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